We are constantly accepting new manuscripts on archaeology, linguistics and cultural heritage. If you are interested in publishing your book with us, please send us an e-mail: info@archaeolingua.hu!

We publish in the following series. For a detailed list of the titles published in each series, please visit our webshop.

  • Archaeolingua Main Series
  • Series Minor
  • Hereditas Archaeologica Hungariae
  • Aquincumi Zsebkönyvek [Aquincum Pocket Guides]
  • Archaeolingua & Archeopress Central European Heritage Series
  • Archaeological Studies of PPCU Department of Archaeology
  • CEU Publications: Annuals of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU
  • Publications of the Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Studia Aegyptiaca
  • EAC Occasional Papers
  • Other Titles