I. The Publisher

The webshop at www.archaeolingua.hu is maintained and operated by Archaeolingua Foundation and Publishing House (henceforth: Archaeolingua).

Address of the Publisher: 1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 13.

II. Using the webshop

You can place an order electronically in the Archaeolingua Webshop. Archaeolingua also accepts orders sent in e-mail, via phone, fax, or in a simple letter, but in the latter cases payment is only possible with bank transfer or by cash in person in the Archaeolingua office.

Registration is a precondition to placing an order. After you put the items in your cart, you can choose how you would like to receive the books (Hungarian post, other delivery services, or personal takeover). When you click on the „proceed with purchase” button, you are officially making an offer and are obliged to pay. You will get an automatic confirmation about your order after you have placed it; this confirmation will include the number of your order, the chosen payment and delivery method, the sum of your order, as well as your billing and delivery address. In case you do not receive this notification, you are not obliged to pay, and please contact us via e-mail. Before you place your order, you will have the opportunity to revise and change the data you entered. Placing an order means that you are entering into a non-signed contract, which is archived. The language of the contract is Hungarian.

The prices are in EUR and HUF, and include VAT.

Ordering process

  1. Please register on our website!
  2. Place the items you would like to purchase in your cart by clicking on the “add to cart” button. To continue, please click on the cart icon in the top right corner.
  3. You will see and can revise the items in your “shopping cart”. If you would like to delete an item from your cart, please click on “remove”. To update your cart, click on “update”.
  4. You can proceed to checkout by clicking “checkout”. On this site you are asked to provide the delivery and billing information, then click “next”. You have the right to provide different delivery and billing addresses, for the validity of which the responsibility is yours. These data are handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  5. On the next, “shipping” panel, you can choose the type of delivery you prefer. Within Hungary, we send our books via the Hungarian Post Office, while other delivery services are used for orders abroad. You can also choose personal takeover, which means that you will get the books by coming to the office. Personal takeover is free. Downloading e-books (pdfs) are also free of any additional charges.
  6. By clicking “next”, you will see a summary of your order. Please revise the data, especially the billing and delivery information. If you would like to change anything, click “go back”.
  7. Under the summary of your order you can provide payment data. It is possible to pay in cash by personal takeover, or by bank transfer, or with a bank card on the website. Please note that if you would like to take over the books personally and would like to pay for them in our office, you will be able to pay in cash only. Your order is completed by clicking on “proceed with purchase”.
  8. The system generates an automatic confirmation, showing the number undernwhich your order is registered. This conformation is also sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please keep this confirmation and refer to this number, should any problem arise concerning your order.
  9. You can revise your previous orders under the “previous orders” tab in your profile in the top right corner.

If you pay with a bank card, you can pay either in Euro or in Hungarian Forints. In case your bank account uses a different currency, the amount will be automatically converted to the currency of your bank card. This conversion is done by your bank according to their official currency rates.

You will receive your invoice along with your delivered books. Invoices are not sent via e-mail.

We are doing our best to make delivery as fast as possible. Your books are posted in 2–7 days after the order is received. The time it will take them to arrive to you depends on the postal and delivery services as well.

III. If an order is impossible to fulfil

In case an order is impossible to fulfil, e.g. because the ordered books went out of stock, Archaeolingua will notify you, and if you already paid, the money will be sent back to you in 14 days. No additional charges will apply to you in this regard.

Archaeolingua aims to constantly revise and correct the data on the website and to keep the information on availability updated. However, orders may be impossible to meet due to unforeseeable problems, such as damage to our stock. This does not mean that the purchaser is misled.

IV. Withdrawal and complaint

In accordance with Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26), the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the order within 14 days after receiving the product, without any justification. To exercise this right of withdrawal you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from your order by a clear statement. You may communicate withdrawal in e-mail (info@archaeolingua.hu), or by using the form presented in the Decree. You may also withdraw from your purchase in the period between placing the order and receiving the product.

The date of receiving the product is the date when you take it over from the postal or delivery service or in our office.

In case you withdraw from purchase, your money is transferred back in a way that you prefer, after consulting you. The cost of delivery is transferred back to you only in case you withdraw your complete order, and if the items have not yet been posted. We cannot accept items sent back with payment on delivery.

In some cases specified in Government Decree 45/2014, §29, it is not possible to withdraw from your order:

 - if your order concerns digital content that is delivered to you by non-material means, such as digital downloads (e-books, pdfs), in case the content is served to you on your explicit request, after you acknowledged and accepted that withdrawal is not possible after you start downloading the content. In case you experience any problems with the e-books (pdfs) you purchased, please contact us via e-mail.

In accordance with Article 2013/5 of the Hungarian Civil Code, a warranty claim may be filed. The purchaser may ask for a defective product to be replaced, except in cases when replacement is impossible or implies disproportionate costs for Archaeolingua. In case Archaeolingua cannot meet a warranty claim, the purchaser may withdraw from his/her order. Warranty claims based on non-essential defections cannot be considered. Regulations formulated in the Hungarian Civil Code apply in cases of warranty claims.


Archaeolingua cannot be held responsible in the following cases:

  • Technical problems keeping the purchaser to visit the webshop and submit an order.
  • Any problems that are caused by any kind of hardware or software malfunctions on the purchaser’s computer, or by a disruption in the internet connection. Please protect your device from malwares and viruses.

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