The Civilian Town at Aquincum

Paula Zsidi
2 378 Ft
963 9340 55 3

Aquincum Pocket Guides

Budapest, Archaeolingua, 2013
Puhakötés | Paper book 
142 oldal, színes és fekete-fehér illusztrációkkal | 142 pages with colored and grayscale images

ISBN 978 963 9340 55 3
Ez a könyv magyarul is elérhető | This book is also available in Hungarian


The remains of Aquincum, the one-time seat of the Roman province of Pannonia, can be found in several locations across Budapest. Outstanding among these is the Archaeological Park around the Aquincum Museum with the remains of buildings brought to light during the excavations conducted over more than a century. A walk through the ruins gives visitors an idea of the Civil Town’s layout and a sense of the once-busy town centre, the settings of the town’s religious life and its sanctuaries, the most important public buildings and the houses of the town dwellers. With its detailed description of some thirty buildings and their most outstanding finds, this guide will be a useful companion to visitors. Real and virtual reconstructions and exhibits offering a reconstruction of Roman life were designed to enhance the experience of walking through the ruins. The maps and groundplans aid orientation during the exploration of the ruins and the guidebook itself will no doubt evoke pleasant memories of few hours spent in Aquincum after visitors return home.