The Tomb of Amenhotep

Gábor Schreiber
17 402 Ft
978 963 9911 74 1

Studia Aegyptiaca Series Maior 4

Budapest, Archaeolingua, 2015
Keménykötés | Hardcover
175 oldal, színes és fekete-fehér illusztrációkkal | 175 pages with colored and grayscale images

ISBN 978 963 9911 74 1

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Theban Tomb -61-, situated on the south slope of the el-Khokha hillock, was excavated by the Hungarian Archaeological Mission between 1999 and 2008. The construction of the tomb, commenced in the Eighteenth Dynasty for an unknown owner, was only finished in the Twentieth Dynasty by one Amenhotep, Chief Physician in the Domain of Amun. Amenhotep made several architectural alterations and added a new burial chamber accessible from a sloping passage, to the original structure. Following this phase, datable to the reign of Ramesses III, the tomb was reused for new interments during the second half of the Twentieth Dynasty, the Third Intermediate Period, the Saite Period, and the Thirtieth Dynasty.
Besides a description of the architectural features, this book gives a detailed analysis of the finds and discusses all historical phases of the tomb, from its construction in the Eighteenth Dynasty to its modern discovery by Mohamed Saleh in the 1960s.