Praehistoria New Series 1–2 (11–12)

Árpád Ringer (ed.)
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Praehistoria New Series 1–2 (11–12)
International Prehistory Journal of the University of Miskolc

Budapest, Archaeolingua, 2019–2020
Puhakötés | Paper book
344 oldal, színes és fekete-fehér illusztrációkkal | 344 pages with colored and grayscale images

ISSN 1586 7811

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PRAEHISTORIA is an international journal of University of Miskolc, Northeast-Hungary.

This journal provides a forum for multidisciplinary research on the pre-literate past, from the dawn of humankind to the establishment of the first European states. The language of publication is primarily English, French and German (with English summary). The focus is on the interplay between humans and their natural, social and cultural environment, with an emphasis on the cognitive changes in the Upper Palaeolithic and the Neolithic Revolution, as well as their impact on the rise of urban civilisation and later history. The journal also aims to publish multidisciplinary studies on the biological and cultural evolution of mankind, including the fields of socio-biology, evolutionary and cultural psychology, as well as research on early technological innovations and spirituality, and the way they shaped Prehistory.

The journal welcomes contributions from researchers from Hungary and abroad, and strongly encourages Hungarian scholars working in other countries to submit their research results for publication.