The Mortuary Monument of Djehutymes II

Gábor Schreiber
18 993 Ft
963 9911 02 4

Studia Aegyptiaca Series Maior 2

Budapest, Archaeolingua, 2008
Keménkötés | Hardback
220 oldal, színes és fekete-fehér illusztrációkkal | 220 pages with colored and grayscale images

ISBN 963 9911 02 4

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Theban Tomb 32, excavated between 1983 and 2006 by the mission of the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest was constructed for Djehutymes, a high-ranking official in the reign of Ramesses II. Consisting of three large forecourts, a mud-brick pyramid and fifteen rooms in the tomb interior, TT 32 gives a sophisticated and in some ways unique example of Ramesside tomb architecture. This volume offers a detailed analysis of the finds dating from the earliest occupation of the site to the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, including the objects from the Eighteenth Dynasty shaft tombs and two hypogeum tombs of the late Third Intermediate Period discovered at the base of el-Khokha hillock.