Genius loci – Laszlovszky 60


This volume is an e-Festschrift devised to reflect the essential spirit of innovation, creativity, and openness to new technologies, which has always characterized József Laszlovszky’s teaching and research. The circle of the authors shows the extraordinary diversity of interests he has pursued throughout his varied academic career: colleagues and students both from Hungary and from abroad; historians, art historians, archaeologists, heritage experts, folklorists and ethnographers, cultural anthropologists, university lecturers, and professionals working in research institutes, museums, and heritage sites.

The topics addressed are similarly diverse, reflecting the entangled disciplines and approaches influenced by József Laszlovszky’s thinking, methods, lectures, studies, and guided tours, as well as the ever inspiring discussions. The papers are loosely connected by a single concept, that of space and spatiality; and the digital map below functions as an interactive table of contents for the volume. The contributions, thus, are centered on concepts and topics such as borders and frontier zones, relationship between man and landscape, urban space, places of memory and heritage, as well as sacred sites.

The volume can be downloaded from here.     |     The table of contents is available to download separately.

Each paper can be downloaded separately by clicking on the marked geographical locations on the map.