Submitting a Manuscript

Archaeolingua is an international forum of interdisciplinary research and is open to qualified researchers – individuals and teams alike. Archaeolingua aims at high standards of presentation and invites contributions which will satisfy these conditions.

Besides studies which deal with the interrelated subject of "Archaeology and Language" in a general or methodological way, Archaeolingua also publishes studies in the prehistory and early history of Central and East Central Europe, with a special emphasis on the interrelations of the Danube-Alpine-Adriatic region, and within this wider area studies relating to the territory of present-day Hungary. In accordance with the aim of arriving at a comprehensive cultural phenomenology and morphology, interdisciplinary methods of research are considered to be vital. Archaeolingua also publishes the proceedings of international meetings dedicated to subjects within the above-mentioned range.

Archaeolingua accepts contributions in one of the major languages (preferably English or German). If possible, they should be processed by means of one of the current systems of electronic word-processing, in line with the guidelines, and submitted both electronically and on hard copy. Enquiries and all further correspondence should be directed to the Archaeolingua office at the address given below, care of Dr Erzsébet Jerem:

H-1014 Budapest, Úri utca 49. or
H-1250 Budapest, Pf. 41.
Tel./Fax: +36 1 3758939
E-mail: Elisabeth Jerem, Editor-in-Chief at