Desktop Publishing and Pre-Press Service

Your book, annual report or newsletter may be a masterpiece of fine writing, filled with fascinating information. But if it is not presentable and not in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, it simply won't find many takers.

15 Years of Experience
At Archaeolingua we have a 15-year experience in desktop publishing, publication design and layout, especially within archaeology, linguistics and related fields. The number of our satisfied customers is growing quickly, which we attribute to our very reliable and excellent services. Most recently, Archaeolingua has been desktop editing the official publications of the EPOCH Network, an international collaboration among universities and research institutes funded by the EU Commission.

Fast and Reliable Service
Whether you need to have someone do the book design and layout of your book, your annual report or your newsletter, we can do the job.
We have a strong artistic sensibility, and while we are not illustrators, we are skilled with graphic design software and will work with the photos or illustrations you provide, manipulating them to produce the effects you want. Or we can help you to find illustrations that convey what you want to say.
For our book design and layout, we use industry standard software. We also provide quick turn-around time, so that our clients get their books designed on time. And if you are not accustomed to dealing with printers, we'll be glad to do it for you.
We view each publication with an eye toward both the audience and the nature of the material presented. We then develop a book design that will enhance that material and make it attractive and readable. We select fonts that reflect the tone of the publication, and make appropriate use of white space, creating pages that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

High Quality Printing
We also offer pre-press services: high-resolution scanning, electronic image assembly, colour separation or output processing from a PC or Mac. The Archaeolingua team will ensure that you get exactly the results you’re expecting on press.

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