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1. Payment method

Archaeolingua provides its customer secure credit card payment via CIB Bank (branch of Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.). Data handling is securely separated, Archaeolingua Publishing recieves only the quantity of the ordered product and the delivery address of the customer. The bank is the exclusive handler of the credit card data, protected with 128-bit TLS/SSL. Successful transaction is possible only via a browser with TLS/SSL encryption support.

The order of payment is as follows, please read this information carefully. Upon ordering products, the corresponding amount will be reserved on your account. Please enter all data carefully! Afterwards the transfer details will be forwarded to the bank. If the transaction is successful, your order will be forwarded to Archaeolingua Publishing and the corresponding amount will be drawn from your account.

2. About security

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link within a computer network. All data sent to the bank is protected with 128-bit encryption key. The current TLS version is 1.3 and is being implemented since 2018.


3. Accepted cards

The online payment system of CIB Bank accepts MasterCard, VISA and VISA Electron (the latter is to be complemented with a permission from the issuing bank).


4. Detailed process of shopping

Shopping requires a login. You may create a new account by clicking the ’Create new account’ button and filling out the required fields. All currently available publications are listed in the ’Shop’ section on the Archaeolingua website. On this page you may browse books by tags or use simple or advanced search to find a specific item. You may add one or several of the listed publications you wish to order to your cart. Afterwards you may return to browse further publications by clicking ’Update cart’ or decide to proceed to the checkout by clicking ’Checkout’. Unwanted items may be removed by clicking the ’Remove’ button. If you decide to check out, you will be prompted to enter your Shipping information and Billing address (if these two differ). Fields marked with an asterix (*) are obligatory. When complete, click the ’Continue to next step’ button. On the next page you may select the delivery method. When complete, click the ’Continue to next step’ button again. On the next page you may select your payment method. You may change any information during the order process by clicking the ’Go back’ button. When complete, click the Proceed with purchase’ button to confirm your order. You will be redirected to the secure payment webpage of CIB Bank where you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. If you confirm your order, the bank will reserve the corresponding amount on your card and check if all the data are valid. If everything is fine, it will forward your order to Archaeolingua. After the transaction is complete, the amount will be drawn from your account and you will be directed back to the Archaeolingua webpage and you will recieve a confirmation of your payment.

If for any reason you are not directed back to the Archaeolingua website, you go back or refresh the page on the secure payment webpage, or close the browser window, the transaction qualifies as unsuccessful and you are required to log into the Archaeolingua page again. If you wish to receive further information on the transaction, please contact your bank.