Main Series 25

Peter Anreiter, Eszter Bánffy, László Bartosiewicz, Wolfgang Meid & Carola Metzner-Nebelsick (eds)

Archaeological, Cultural and Linguistic Heritage.

Festschrift for Erzsébet Jerem in Honour of her 70th Birthday.

Language: English, German
633 pp. with BW and color illustrations
ISBN 978-963-9911-28-4

Price 68 €

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More than 50 authors, from many countries, have contributed to this impressive volume which honours Erzsébet Jerem, founder and longtime editor of the Archaeolingua publication venue. Main focus is on the archaeology of Hungary and adjacent regions, with particular stress on Iron Age cultural elements which, from an archaeological point of view, may be labelled "Celtic". An important part of the contributions however is of linguistic, philological or epigraphic interest which deal, in an interdisciplinary way, with problems concern Celtic Studies as a whole or in detail, or are of relevance to cultural history in general.